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We build roller skis that come as close as possible to their role model. The ComfortskateS adapt to the runner and not vice versa. 98% ski similarity bring winter into the summer. For the love of cross-country skiing.

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The revolution in rollerskiing

Three individually suspended and adjustable axles make the ComforskateS unique.

Independent suspension
  • Individually sprung wheels: The special construction makes it possible to skate with a three-wheeled roller skis without losing traction.
98% like cross-country skis in winter

Experience the ski feeling of winter in summer. There is only a very small change of technology between summer and winter required. By folding in the inner roll, the imprint of the "ski edge" is simulated.

ComfortskateS rollerski stability behind

Perfect for beginners as well as pros

The stability has a positive effect on the ski feeling.


The smooth rolling and stability makes it possible to fully concentrate on the running technique. Level paths in the forest and in parks can also be used. The suspension compensates for smaller obstacles.

Adjusts to the individual

With the adjustable suspension, the ComfortskateS adapt to both the weight of the runner and his technical skills. Professional athletes want more flexibility, while beginners need stability. Adjustable training wheels so to speak - Who would not have wanted them on his first bike?


„A revolutionary roller skate with three wheels and independent suspension, thanks to which you can skate what was previously impossible with three wheels. The construction with three wheels offers much more stability than previous skis for skating with two wheels. So now beginners can train without problems with roller skis.“

ISPO (The "Internationale Fachmesse für Sportartikel und Sportmode") is a series of three multi-sport fairs per year.

The ComfortskateS are winner of the ISPO AWARD 2016/2017 in the category cross country in the segment ski.

ComfortskateS Rollerski Lessons

The groundwork for having fun on rollerskis is built in our courses. Who would dare to start cycling or skiing without instructions? Our courses are focused on minimizing the risk of falls and learning the individual techniques. Advanced people work on their movement.

The next ComfortskateS courses start in spring 2018. Look at our shop for date of our weekend or test lessons.


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Convince yourself of the ski similarity.

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