Athletes recruit athletes!

Why do we start athletes recruit athletes?

We want to reward you as an athlete for choosing a ComfortskateS rollerski. Athletes recruit Athletes are an action of ours with which we want to reward our loyal customers. We have developed a revolutionary rollerski according to our slogan: we love cross- country skiing! With its innovative independent suspension and high stability, the ComfortskateS is a real alternative to cross-country skiing in winter. It is finally possible to train cross-country skiing in the summer. We want to introduce our roller skis to all athletes and we need you! Help us to further publicize the ComfortskateS.

Sportler werben Sportler!
Athletes recruit athletes!

How does it work?

First you buy a ComfortskateS rollerski in our shop. Upon delivery, you will receive five vouchers. These pass on to friends, acquaintances and colleagues. For every purchased ComfortskateS Skate / Combi / Cross you will get back € 20.00, if your code is given when ordering. Of course, every buyer will receive five vouchers. Thus, all ComfortskateS customers have the opportunity to secure up to € 100.00.

Beat and get back up to € 100.00!

Sportler werben Sportler ComfortskateS Skiroller

Would you like to support us or to participate in the campaign Athletes recurit Athletes without buying ComfortskateS rollerski? Do not hesitate and contact us. You can also become a partner and work with us.

Why social media?

We want to make the ComfortskateS Skiroller better known, that's why we are of course also in the social media. Subscribe to us on YouTube, let's like it on Facebook and Liked our pictures on Instagram.

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