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ComfortskateS course

Discover our unique rollerskis in an individual ComfortskateS course. The ComfortskateS team offers you a personal consultation with fault analysis and the learning of brake and downhill technique for a safe driving experience in every situation. In all courses you have the choice between the classical technique and skating. Whether as a beginner in cross-country skiing or cross-country skiers with body and soul - there is something for everyone. The dates are individually planned by us for you.All our courses take place exclusively in Germany.

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Comfort when driving through the correct state and approach.

More effective training through the right technique.

Improved driving safety and fall prevention.

Course Overview

We offer courses for a wide range of levels, from beginner to professional, from three hours to the full week. Rollerski courses for everyone!

Test course

for cross-country skiers

Learn how to handle the ComfortskateS rollerskis and thoroughly test the product in our three-hour ComfortskateS course. The test course is particularly suitable for cross-country skiers who already have experience in cross-country skiing.


1. Technique Basics Classic or Skating
2. Individual training
3. Braking techniques

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Weekend course

for beginners and advanced

This ComfortskateS course is not just about testing but also about learning cross-country skiing or improving existing technology. The course offers something for everyone. We pay attention to training groups with the same ambitions.


The weekend course includes four training sessions. Each unit has 120 minutes.
Focus of each unit:

1. Individual training with the ComfortskateS Skiroller
2. Technique Basics Classic / Skating
3. Downhill technique, braking techniques & safety training
4. Individual error analysis & personal advice

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Individual course

for all levels of experience

Bookable from 5 persons
This ComfortskateS course is for e.g. Companies, clubs and groups.
Time and place are individually tunable with the trainer team.

Possible course contents:

Engineering basics and extension
Classic / Skating
Downhill technique, braking techniques &
safety training
Individual error analysis &
Personal advice

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Personalized course

The ComfortskateS course for you alone!

You want to be coached personally? You want to learn cross-country skiing or refine your technique? Or are you preparing for a competition? Then you are exactly right with us.

Your personal rollerskis course
The course content can be selected from the following rollerski training contents.
  1. Technical basics and extension for classic / skating
  2. Downhill technique, braking techniques & safety training
  3. Individual error analysis & personal advice
  4. Full body workout
  5. Basic stamina and fitness

Surprising course

Here, from time to time, a specially planned ComfortskateS course will be exchanged for you.
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test material

You are already cross-country skiers than active in winter and want to experience cross-country skiing in summer? You already own rollerskis but can not cope with that?

Then try our ComfortskateS rollerskis. The safe rollerski for all ages.

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You are in a club or a owner of a ski school? Then you can also rent a test event or several rollerskis, please fill in the following contact form. 

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