Cross-country training in the summer

Cross-country skiing - A sport for every season

Langlauftraining im Sommer Thüringer Wald

A sport for the whole body

Cross-country skiing is proven to be the healthiest sport. He has a great influence on the fitness and health of a person. Already 45 min. are enough to achieve effective training of the cardiovascular system. No sport lets the pounds tumble so fast. 95% of the muscles are moved here. 95% let that melt on your tongue ?! Which sport can this do? In the gym you need many different devices to achieve this. Not only muscle mass but also speed, strength endurance and muscle static is trained. For all athletes, it is important to perform a full body workout. Many athletes are aware of this and they use the winter for skating, whether in their free time or for one or the other hobby. Why only in winter? The summer offers many opportunities to practice cross-country skiing. Cross-country training in the summer!

Langlauftraining im Sommer Winterlandschaft
Langlauftraining im Sommer Skiroller

Cross-country training in summer as preparation for the winter

Many athletes still practice cross-country skiing, despite the fact that winters are getting shorter and shorter. Linked to this is the cross-country skiing season, who wants to use this intensively should already start training in the summer. In the summer months, some of the muscles that have been trained especially when skating, lost again, because this is not or less trained. Also the upper body musculature, which is built up by the stick insert, suffers. When the long-awaited winter arrives and the season of cross-country skiing begins, you have soreness after the first few training sessions on cross-country skis. That's why cross-country training in summer needs to be firmly integrated into his training schedule. We have not only created an alternative with the ComfortskateS rollerski.

Langlauftraining im Sommer Gelenkschonung

Care for the body

Body care are is one of the most important topics in the practice of any sport. Especially in old age, the topic is becoming increasingly important, as well as in people with overweight.

Here cross-country skiing in winter and of course the ComfortskateS rollerski in the summer months trump.

So it is in the winter, the skiing and the soft snow, in summer is the rollerskis especially the ComfortskateS the number one in terms of body protection. It has an adjustable total flex of up to 1.2 cm. The sliding movements in the classic and in the skating style are unmatched if you want to be healthy and gentle on the go.

Langlauftraining im Sommr Balancetraining

Balance, coordination and concentration training

Training on cross-country skis and rollerskis requires a lot of concentration and attention. When cross-country skiing in summer on tar, it is important to pay attention to the basics to prevent falls. Rollerski braking is also an issue that is important to many athletes. In winter, the soft snow offers a reduced risk of injury during falls. Also, braking with skis turns out to be a lot easier. Nevertheless, you also have to pay constant attention to the facts of the track here when skating.

Balance and stability in the whole body is increased with each cross-country skiing step, because it is not so easy to stand on the narrow boards or spars. From the foot over the ankle and the trunk, up to the head, everything is easily trained without any effort. During skating, it is important to be safe and stable in order to progress effectively.

The coordination of the movement of foot and arm is trained. The challenge is the harmony between putting the cross-country poles on top of one another simultaneously and skis / roller skis in the 1: 1 he technique or the asymmetrical putting on the 2:1 technique.

Langlauftraining im Sommer Winterlandschaft
Langlauftraining im Sommer Skiroller

Varied training

Cross-country training in the summer brings variety and fun through challenging movements, both in the classic and the skating style. And that's the beauty of cross-country skiing. Two styles provide variety and freedom of training. What is most important to you? Classic or skating or both? Everything is possible especially with the ComfortskateS. Depending on the style changes the movement and consequently also the stressed muscles.

Cross country skiing for triathletes

Cross-country skiing is a sport for triathletes! On rollerski in summer and cross-country skis in winter! For the multi-talented athletes, as the triathletes are known, the full-body sport cross-country offers. Cross-country training in the summer provides variety in the training plan in addition to swimming, cycling and running. In winter, the focus can be placed on the preservation and expansion of basic stamina or even short intense stress training. Many triathletes skate in winter or compete in competitions.

Langlauftraining im Sommer Triathlon

Winter and summer training

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, cross-country skiing is an alternative to training at any time of the year. Cross-country skiing in summer is possible thanks to the ComfortskateS. Sunshine or rain, there are no more excuses. Our rollerskis proves itself even on wet roads. The secure stand and the optional calf brake provide safety and stability. For us it is important to make a rollerski for beginners and professionals. We want to bring everyone to cross-country skiing.







Langlauftraining im Sommer Team ComfortskateS

Cross-country skiing and rollerski courses

We offer cross-country skiing courses in the winter, together with the ski school HaSi, as well as in summer. Content of this is the learning of skating or classical technique. The focus is initially on the safe handling of cross-country skiers and rollerski for beginners and career changers. We divide the participants into several groups according to their level of performance. Experienced cross-country skiers learn how to train and improve their technique. Whether 2-1, 1-1 or 1-2 he with active arm swing for skating or diagonal stride, kick double pole and the double pole technique in the classic runner, with us you get the full program. Our coaching team is perfectly trained and has a lot of experience in cross-country skiing.

In addition to the technical training, the focus will be on training in the basic endurance area, where a competition preparation for upcoming cross-country or rollerski competitions may be offered as desired. There is a wide range of different courses, ranging from the individual course, club courses, weekend courses, to entire training camps to choose from.

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