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Our vision has always been to develop a rollerski that can be used to skate three wheels. A unique, revolutionary product has now emerged. The ComfortskateS rollerski says Hello! to all cross-country skiers.





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98% Ski Similarity

  • Ski  similarity

    Proven by the sports university Cologne the ComfortskateS rollerskis reach an unbelievable cross-country skiing similarity of 98%. Thanks to the components of single-wheel suspension, flex and suspension, we reach our destination: the first three-wheeled rollerskis with which you can skate.

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Single- Wheel Suspension

ComfortskateS rollerski variants

The individually and independently sprung rollers allow authentic honest cross-country skiing.

Our ComfortskateS master small obstacles perfectly. Every athlete adapts his roller ski for himself individually.

comfortskates skate einzelradfederung


  • First three-wheeled roller ski for skating.

    The three roles have an unmistakable effect on stability. The independent suspension of the ComfortskateS make it possible to ride both classic and skating style. Only our product creates an incredibly calm and original cross-country skiing experience like in winter.

  • ComfortskateS rollerski stability
  • ComfortskateS rollerski stability behind
  • ComfortskateS rollerski stability front

Adjustable Skiflex

  • Skiflex like in winter

    Each wheel can be adjusted individually. Thus, the difficulty and the intensity of your training will be actively influenced. Beginners benefit from enormous stability. The ComfortskateS rollerski can be adapted to their learning progress. A cross-country ski similarity of 98% speak for the rollerski itself. By simply turning the screws out or in, the spring tension is changed. It is therefore always possible to individually adjust the wheel suspension.

  • ComfortskateS rollerski view around
  • ComfortskateS rollerski view
  • ComfortskateS rollerski view left
Komfortskates Skiroller -Einzelradaufhängung-Skiroller-Rollski

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Adaptable Training Intensity

  • Training as you please!

    By adjusting the front spring, the athlete can adjust the stiffness of the ComfortskateS rollerski to the athlete's weight. This allows an individual bias and thus optimizes the impression, similar to the cross-country ski. The two rear springs influence the stability. Depending on the level of performance of the athlete, the springs can be made harder for beginners. Thus, this offers additional balance training.

  • how does it work?

    For advanced users, the springs are unscrewed further. In this way, by training with the ComfortskateS even with experienced athletes the balance can be sustainably improved. The change from ski scooter to cross-country skis at the beginning of winter is made much easier.

    More information in the ComfortskateS quick start guide
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Technically Oriented Cross-Country Training

ComfortskateS rollski training
  • Cross- country skiing in the summer

    The ComfortskateS are special rollerski that make it possible for anyone and everyone to live cross-country skiing in the summer. The unique three-roller construction with independent wheel suspension provides joint protection and stability. These allow cross-country skiing as in winter to enjoy.

    Learn more about cross-country skiing in summer
  • Cross- country skiing training

    Nordic sports are one of the healthiest in the world. 95% of the muscles are stressed. During training with the ComfortskateS the same muscles as in winter are involved and strengthened. In addition, the speed, balance and so much more are effectively trained. Calories are burned more efficiently than in any other sport.

    Learn more about cross-country skiing in summer


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The constant attention of other people is guaranteed. Think about it: When was the last time people just approached you on the street? Experience it with our ComfortskateS rollerski!

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Our ComfortskateS Rollerski Models

ComfortskateS rollerski front
  • Skating or Classic?

    Classic in love or skating crazy? Do you prefer both? We have the right model for every taste. You can not decide? You do not have to, the combination model makes it possible! A roller ski for both techniques!

  • On- or Offroad?

    Our ComfortskateS rollerski models can ride on different terrains. Roads? Wet road? The on-road variant does not deter wet! Gravel and forest paths? The off-road variant with 125 mm pneumatic tires can handle that too! We have a solution for every problem.

  • ComfortskateS rollerski combi
  • ComfortskateS rollerski  cross
  • ComfortskateS rollerski skate

On- or Offroad? No problem! 

ComfortskateS rollerski Skate

The rollerski for free technique on paved paths. Skating with a 98 percent ski similarity makes it possible. Experience the feeling of cross-country skiing even in summer. Full body workout that is fun and possible all year round.

ComfortskateS rollerski Combi

Classic or skating? You have the choice! You do not even need different materials for the respective technology, but with the Combi version you can use both techniques with a rollerski.

ComfortskateS rollerski Cross

The rollerski for use on bike paths. With the large, air-tired wheels smooth forest and park trails are easily passable. This rollerski is currently only available for skating style.

Skating or classic? 

Brakes with the ComfortskateS Rollerski

ComfortskateS rollerski breake

Finally! Braking with rollerskis made easy.

The optional calf brake can be mounted by us at your request. The brake is specially adapted to the ComfortskateS rollerskis. By simply sliding forward with one leg, the brake is pressed on the two rear wheels. This allows a comfortable and safe braking. For beginners to professionals, the brake is recommended. The function and execution of the braking process can be seen in the video.

ComfortskateS rollerski parts

ComfortskateS Rollerski: Made in Germany

ComfortskateS rollerski are Made in Germany. The spar, the three individual wheel suspensions, rollers and small parts are assembled by our team by hand. All our suppliers are based in Germany. This makes the rollerskis a special patented product with family flair. Behind the development of the product stand the former professional cross-country skier Hans-Jürgen Siebenäuger as the source of ideas and the designer Holger Armborst. The complete team ComfortskateS was and is involved in the test phase and the further development of the ComfortskateS rollerski. The attention to detail is unmistakable, resulting in the winning of the ISPO Award 16/17. Take a look at our young team and get to know us personally.

The ComfortskateS team introduces itself.


ComfortskateS rollerski Ispo Award

The rollerski convey a high degree of stability and thus safety already at the first run. The individually adjustable independent suspension can be optimally adjusted to body weight and running technique. Due to the damping elements of the rollerski it is also ideal for poorer road surface, thus very comfortable and easy on the joints. The objectively higher weight is not noticeable in practice. […] A very good training role for the beginner to the sporty ambitious.

Franz von Wedel
Rossignol Germany

Thanks to the adjustable independent suspension, the ComfortskateS allow you to put on and press off the “edge”. Thus, experts also enjoy the ComfortskateS, which thanks to the suspension also run well on smooth forest and park paths. Especially important: small stones do not […] lead to a fall but are compensated by the suspension.

Dr. Achim Schmidt
German Sport University Cologne, Institute for Nature Sport and Ecology

As an active skier and rollerski sportsman, this rollerski is part of my training portfolio. It helps me to further improve and stabilize my running technique. Even in moderate rain it is still very well manageable .

Hans Raschke
German Champion Rollski 2015

Great standing comfort, high stability, joint-gentle suspension, technology-related training and, above all, a lot of fun running characterize this rollerski.

Jens Filbrich
Vice World Champion and Olympic silver medalist in cross-country skiing

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