Team ComfortskateS


Our team introduces itself.

We are personally available. For questions about the ComfortskateS rollerskis, courses, events and other suggestions.

Hans- Jürgen Siebenäuger

Designer, Tester & Trainer

Funfact: May his water be bubbly. Because his ideas are always bubbling.

Holger Armborst

Product Developer & Manufacturer

Funfact: He knows all parts of the ComfortskateS rollerskis personally by name!

Matthias Seliger

Account Manager & Marketing

Funfact: In a relationship with the ComfortskateS rollerskis!

Sebastian Meuer

Account Manager & Marketing

Funfact: The one who dances with the fox. Drink too much Club Mate!

René Würll


Funfact: The thinnest man in the team who masters all the functions of the keyboard.

Johann Bayer


Funfact: He thinks he is the best man in the team! Eats faster noodles than his shadow.

Lisa Bayer


Funfact: Is the sister of Johann and the most beautiful woman in the team.